Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion on a Budget - Ebay, H&M, Sara Haul

It's been quite a while since I bought clothes so I'm pretty excited about having some new items in my wardrobe. The majority of these were either on sale or won in eBay auctions which meant that I paid just a fraction of the RRP for them. I have included where each item was purchased and the price I paid for them at the bottom of this post. I appreciate some of these items may be a bit random and not particularly suited to the season but at the price I got them, and for the quality of the clothes, it would have been difficult to pass up.

1) H&M Yellow Skirt - I bought this in store with an old gift card I got at Christmas but never got round to using. I never usually wear skirts but I'm big into yellows at the moment so this really caught my eye. I've wore this on nights out as well as during the day so it's quite versatile in that sense. I can't remember exactly how much this cost but it was quite cheap and definately under £20.

2) H&M Patterned Top  - Apologies for the terrible lighting in the above picture, the top is actually white.  I bought this top to go with the skirt above. I love the way the two look together, totally different to what I'd normally wear. Again, I can't remember the exact price of this top but it was around £10.

3) eBay - Forever 21 Top - The first of my eBay purchases. I don't usually buy batwing style tops but I thought I'd give this one a try and I'm glad I did. I've worn this a few times, both with jeans and with high waisted shorts. It's very casual and comfortable and only came to £4.24 inc P&P.

4) eBay - River Island Hoodie - Being someone who gets cold very easily, it's not really a surprise that I a far few hoodies. That being said, every one that I do own looks the same but in a different block colour. I found this item on the 'ending soonest' list in the women's clothing section and placed a bid on it and won it for a decent £4.70 inc P&P. I loved the design and colour of this and I found it a lot more interesting than the hoodies I already owned. At that price, you can't really go wrong.

5) eBay- New Look Sun Dress - With the way the weather's been this summer, it's hard to say when I'll get round to wearing this, but as it only cost me £3.49 inc P&P I don't mind having to wait a while. I like this dress on, it's quite flattering and I think the colour suits my skin tone and hair colour quite well which is a nice plus. Certainly something I'd of liked to have had with me on holidays this year, but being as simplistic as it is I don't think there'd be any weird looks given if I was to hold out until next summer before wearing it. 

6) eBay - Topshop Flower Dress - Admittedly, this dress looks a lot better on than it does in pictures. The back of it is quite low, something I've never worn before and the front has a bit of a dip too but nothing too revealing. The dress itself is about knee length and I think it would be quite a nice piece to wear with black tights and a pair of boots. It could be worn during the day because its slightly longer length would allow you to get away with it but I think I'll save this one for an event or dinner etc and dress it up with a bit of jewelry and high heels. This cost me £5.54 inc P&P.

7) Sara Yellow Dress - My favourite item from this haul! I'm unsure if this shop exists outside my town, but it's not somewhere I venture into regularly. I find a lot of its clothes to be quite tacky and ill fitting but I really couldn't pass up this dress when I seen it. As I said above, I'm big into yellows at the moment, and I really love the fit of this dress. It's quite forgiving when it comes to showing off your figure, cinching you in at the waist. There's a bit of netting below the skirt which makes it a bit more shapely but nothing too dramatic. When I first seen this in the shop it was £40, but was reduced to £20 later in the week. Lucky for me my Granda noticed it had gone down in price and surprised me with it earlier in the week so happy days!

8) H&M Cat Print Dress - If memory serves me right I paid around £12.99 for this dress, and it was certainly worth it. I've seen a few different items of clothing similar to this one in the shops but none that particularly appealed to me, but after trying this on I was more than happy to purchase it. Again, this is something I thought I would get wear out of day or night and it's certainly served me well so far. 


  1. the cat-shirt is very lovely!
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  2. Thanks for your comment! I'll have a look :)