Thursday, 5 September 2013

DIY High Waisted Denim Aztec Shorts!

With uni just around the corner and summer coming to an end, I've had to become a bit thrifty with my old clothes in order to keep my wardrobe fresh and up to date. After finding my favourite pair of high waisted jeans had somehow become patchy and discoloured after a wash, I thought I'd try and give them a bit of a revamp and make them wearable again.

I'm not usually a big fan of aztec designs, but after searching the internet for ideas on what to do with my old jeans, I found one blog that inspired me to give something with an Aztec print a go. You can check out a pictorial and learn how to make these shorts yourself on Prudence and Austere.

The shorts turned out a different colour to what I was expecting, purely because my jeans were a wine colour to begin with.  I chose to cut and fray them before bleaching as it made it a lot easier for me to achieve this look. I left the bottom 3 quarters of  my shorts soaking in bleach and water overnight and by morning they had turned an eye-catching orange colour which I think works well with the black aztec designs.

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